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How & Why you Should Create a Brand Inspiration Board

Imagine this: It's been a few years and it's finally time to rebrand your business. You've spent ages thinking and developing the perfect idea- you know what you like and don't like. There are companies you follow that you love and you want your customers to have the same level of experience when they come to you. You've browsed Pinterest and saved some sites in your favourites tab, but you haven't really done much yet.

But now it's finally time to start designing a website, your social media feed, and oh ya- your entire brand.

It can be super intimidating- a brand is not just colours, font, and stock imagery. A brand is actually a feeling people get when they interact with your business at every level, and making the right audience feel the right way can take time to develop.

For my own brand, I wanted people to see my social media and know it was meant for women, business owners, and gave them that warm welcome feeling while still being editorial and minimalist so I could let my content and designs shine. Marketing can be information heavy and kind of boring if it's presented like a textbook so I wanted to make it easily understood and visually pleasing to see on your feed.

I did this by having my inspiration board act as my roadmap of what I like and what I'm trying to accomplish. It has all my fonts, my colours, and keeps me centered when I get too excited and design outside of my brand. It gave me the time to think about my answers to key questions you need to ask yourself when creating a business and a brand.

Questions to ask yourself during your Branding Process:

-What problems does the brand solve?

-Who is the brand speaking to?

-What emotion do you want to evoke with the brand?

-If the brand had a storefront, what would it look like? Smell like?

-How is the brand connected to you?

-How is the brand connected to your target audience & dream clients?

-If it was a person, what would the personality look like?

-How do you see your brand evolving over time?

I included an example of a brand I did for a therapist out of Los Angeles, CA as an example for anyone who needs it.

I included 3 in the brand package for her to choose from which made it easy to see what worked best for her. When I built her website it was super easy for me to find what I needed and use those images on the site to tie everything together and keep it consistent.

Her brand board idea was pulled from examples she had provided me as a starting point. I noticed consistent themes of drama and things that represented growth and security (like plants) and pulled my own inspiration from office spaces and mixed material accessories.

I chose colours that were not only found in the photos themselves as a recurring theme, but ones that could be used all over the website and provided enough difference to all be used in interesting ways, like backgrounds, buttons, frames, etc.

You also want to choose a font that is easily found across platforms- some services like Cyber Impact (an email marketing platform) may only offer 6-8 font choices and if you can't find one that is similar enough to what you are using on your website, email, and social media graphics, it will make it hard to stay on brand and looking like your business.

Here are some other tips for creating your brand inspiration board:

How you should create your board:

  1. Browse other businesses you admire- not just competition or Pinterest. Look at who's business you connect with the most and really love. What do you love about them? What visually represents the things you like so much?

  2. Take your time- a brand evolves just like people do.

  3. The personality and taste can change but the core remains the same.

  4. Allow yourself to step away and come back with fresh eyes. Get feedback from people you trust & your target market.

Why you should create your own board:

  1. It helps visually articulate your idea and makes it easily shared and experienced by others;

  2. It keeps all of your information in a convenient place to find quickly, like fonts and colours;

  3. It gives you room to step back and see the big picture;

  4. It's easy to track the evolution of your brand as you grow;

  5. It allows you to get feedback from your target market before you invest a time and $ into development.

If you need to make your own but you aren't sure where to start- send me an email or fill out the contact form on my website found here and I will get back to you to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss what needs to happen to get you there. I'll include 3 mood board theme ideas to get you started!

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