Helping small business CEO's gain

clarity, confidence,

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Hey, it's me,


CEO of Apollo Digital Marketing.

Creative Designer.

Branding Wizard.

Digital Strategiest.

Full-Time Dog Mom.

Waterloo, Ontario


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What I Do

I'm on a mission to empower ambitious business owners hone their skills, take charge of their marketing, and grow their business.

How I Help You & Your Business.





I provide clarity & insight by examining all your current marketing efforts so we can put your time and energy into perspective.

We outline your goals across a timeline and choose  the exact ways we can get you there.

This can mean advertisements, a web design, or targeted social media campaigns. 

We make an action plan and a schedule with marketing tasks over a 6 month period to make sure you're making progress towards your goals. 

I measure your progress every month and we will meet to discuss your results and revise the plan to make sure you stay on track.

I have a gift for you!

Level Up Your Homepage

Make an impact on your visitors with the Ultimate Website Checklist that guarantees you put your best foot forward with potential clients.

"Working with Alyssa has been an absolute pleasure. She consistently encourages and supports my social media goals, and she is always available to answer any questions I may have.


Alyssa has helped me define my business goals, even inspiring me to push myself to take next steps in my business. She keeps everything very down to earth, empowering me to create my own content! I absolutely recommend

Alyssa and Apollo Digital Marketing!"


Apollo Digital is all about supporting other people's growth with open arms & and an Amazing action plan.

Apollo Digital is on a mission to empower ambitious business owners to refine their skills, take charge of their marketing, and grow their business.

Apollo Digital Marketing

Kitchener, ON



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